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Source more valuable used cars online and in-store with guaranteed instant offers, backed-up by the deepest appraisal data in auto and our patent-pending ODD-II scanner.


KBB + CarOffer + Edmunds + TradePending

From KBB ICO to CarGurus CarOffer and TradePending, there is no lack of used car appraisal tools on the market — and while they each have their own unique features, Accu-Trade is a whole other thing. We are the only solution in the industry that can provide guaranteed instant offers anywhere — online, in-store, or through text — based on the most powerful VIN-level data in the industry with Galves, and backed-up by our patent-pending OBD-II scanner technology.

Our customers love what we do.

Accu-Trade makes me a better buyer and gives me confidence on any car.
Kevin Butler Drew Shields

Owner, Exclusive Auto Wholesale

After using so many of the different tools on the market I can confidently say that Accu-Trade is hands down the best one out there.
Kevin Butler Michael Rhima

Director of Purchasing & Wholesale, CarOne

Accu‑Trade is what makes digital transactions possible.
Kevin Butler Brian Kramer

General Manager, Germain Toyota

The Top 5 Things You Need
To Know About Accu-Trade

Accu-Trade vs. Kelley Bluebook & KBB Instant Cash Offer

KBB is probably the most well known competitive option by consumers, as it has been in-market for about a decade now. Accu-Trade’s founder, Bob Hollenshead, actually partnered directly with Cox Media to build this initial instant cash offering.

Accu-Trade is Bob’s next evolution of KBB ICO, focused on providing higher quality leads than its predecessor through a more powerful and detailed appraisal engine — taking into account all 17-digits of the VIN and a full ODB-II diagnostic scan, which can save thousands per copy identifying costly trouble codes.

How To Be The Best Way
To Sell A Car

KBB also does not provide the consumer any valuation until they complete the full form process, and then sends the lead to multiple dealers. Accu-Trade provides a dynamically updating value for each input to keep the consumer engaged and provide transparency on the process, on their way to transacting with your team (and only your team).

And while KBB does allow you to somewhat tailor the types of sell leads you get, they limit you to 10 unique “rules” for custom bid approaches. Accu-Trade offers the capability for you to set-up unlimited rules — down to the color and option level — ensuring that you can truly tailor an acquisition strategy for the inventory you want to sell.

Accu-Trade vs. CarGurus CarOffer

With CarOffer’s vehicle appraisal capabilities and condition reporting, dealers have an idea of what they are buying, but they are only shown an incomplete set of historical data on the specific vehicles being submitted for valuation.

Alternatively, Accu-Trade shows dealers exactly what they are buying based on:

  • Deep vehicle history, including CarFax and AutoCheck
  • Detail-level appraisals including colors, options, and even key fobs
  • Diagnostic scan from our patent-pending OBD-II scanner
  • Comparative valuations from Manheim, Black Book, KBB, and more
  • Local market pricing on similar vehicles
  • And much more

Unlike other appraisal solutions, Accu-Trade provides all the context necessary to make profitable decisions around both the acquisition and exit strategy for each vehicle.

Other Providers: TradePending, VINCue, Etc

A detailed breakdown of features offered by provider is available, and as you’ll see no other offering on the market can match-up with what the full Accu-Trade Connections package has to offer. There are your standard trade-in widgets, and then there is the connected Accu-Trade platform. There’s really no comparison. 

Demo The Best Vehicle Acquisition Solution For Dealers

Our team is here to show you everything Accu-Trade can do, and set-up your dealership to acquire more inventory, more profitably. Give us a shout!