Features that dealers love.

Accu-Trade takes the stress out of
buying decisions!

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In Your Showroom

Give your sales team a trade-in tool that helps them start the process and build rapport with their customers. Nobody can argue the value of their vehicle when they can see the data behind it.

Used Car Invoice

Our used car invoice feature shows vehicle condition, minute damage, tire wear, whether or not the vehicle color is desirable, the Carfax report, and more - all right there on the invoice. Information creates certainty, and certainty creates calm. And happy customers, as you know, are more likely to say “yes!”

Common Problems

Our Common Problems lets you know the inherent issues for any make/model you’re considering buying. This way, you know what to look out for, and you can ask the right questions before making a purchase - preventing you from buying a profit-stealing lemon (and the disappointment that follows).

Full Integration

You’ve got your favorite systems, and we’ve designed Accu-Trade so you can keep using them! Accu-Trade seamlessly integrates with nearly every digital retail product on the market, including:

  • Your DMS
  • vAuto
  • Window Sticker
  • Obd
  • And lots more!

Features you need