Our features and tools are designed for dealers like you.

Our acquisition tools ensure a steady inflow of inventory

Whether your buying vehicles at auction or from consumers on trade, our goal is to support you with the best tools to ensure your inventory is full of relevant and profitable vehicles.

Virtual Appraisal

We’ve created a tool to mimic the in-house dealer-customer trade-in experience without anyone ever leaving their home.

VIN-Dow™ Extension

Get accurate pricing while you shop online. We’re about transparency, so you get the most context and can plan your strategy before you buy.

Service Lane

Create appraisals on all items that come in for repair. We create appraisals using OBD scans!

Dealer Widget

Easily create a widget on your website so your customers can get a guaranteed value in minutes.


We have the most popular runlists so you can be prepared with the most recent accurate data we have on the vin before going to the block. Know before you go!

It’s automated, the way it should be.

Automatically fill your inventory by setting up rules to procure vehicles.

Make analyzing the profit easy to find

Knowledge is power and we want to give you more of it! Get full transparency on a vehicles history, compare it with current and sold data, most recent obd scans, or even talk to our Inventory Consultants to get vehicle context.

VIN Base History

We measure data over time. We’ll show you a base vin’s pricepoint and how it’s depreciated or appreciated over time.

Local Market

Compare and contrast your vin with similar vehicles on the current market and recently sold off the market.

Access to our Accu-Trade Desk

We’re always available! Need help deciding on a purchase or determining an exit strategy, consult with our Accu-Trade desk for accurate pricing.

Unit History

Drill into a specific vin’s history. See where it’s been, what price was it retailed at, and if it’s been at your dealership, see pasts appraisals.

OBD Scans

Drill into a scan and see what sorts of codes/issues a vehicle may currently have.

Tons of Integrations!

We want to be useful with your current workflows so we’ve integrated tons of existing dealer tools for you to use.

Evaluate where, when and how to dispose

Imagine a tool that helps you determine an exit strategy by weighing the profit, depreiciation, and competition in wholesale and retail markets. Can’t wait another day for your vehicle to depreciate? Accu-trade will buy any vehicle with an accurate appraisal!

Guaranteed Value

Any vehicle with a complete appraisal will get a guaranteed value. We’ll write a check instantly!

Condition Report

Create an official document of the vehicles condition that can be shared with Customers and Dealers.


Sell your vehicle on our public dealer marketplace or send to a private set where you guys can communicate and discuss conditions.

Pricing and Positioning

Planning vs responding to the market is what we’re about. Purchasing correctly at acquisition helps you get ahead of the game. We give you context into retail and wholesale markets so you can plan your best strategy.