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The 10x3x Guarantee

Accu-Trade is the vehicle valuation platform that helps dealers make more profitable decisions. Just use it for three months. If you don’t see a 10x return on the cost of the basic tool, we’ll give you 3x the refund!*

Accu‑Trade’s VIN‑dow syncs real‑time insight inside all your favorite auctions.

VIN-dow automatically books every vehicle as it comes up for sale on your favorite auction sites. Get instant valuation/bid guidance. See how vehicles fit — in your inventory and in your live local market. Then, instantly push any purchase to the next step in your workflow.

Why Accu‑Trade is Different

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Anyone can perform an expert appraisal instantly

Every VIN decode combines live market data, adjustments for options and condition, vehicle pedigree data and more, for an instant valuation any user can count on.

Guaranteed pricing available

Accu-Trade gives dealers the option to insure the validity of any appraisal with a guaranteed “transact-able” base price.

It does so much more than appraisals

Accu-Trade helps you manage your whole inventory, connect directly with other buyers and sellers, and integrates with your workflow across any other platforms you use.

Accu‑Trade Includes

Try it RISK-FREE with The 10x3x Guarantee

*The 10x3x Guarantee redemption will require the following:

  1. Auction Access number, photo identification of the user, personal email and cell phone number.
  2. You must contact Robert Hollenshead for a short discussion on how it failed to give you more than the anticipated return and agree to have daily or weekly follow up calls with an Accu-Trade specialist.
  3. If the required follow-up consultation has not happened, Accu-Trade reserves the right to declare the subscribers to have abandoned their right to The 10x3x Guarantee. For clarity, any books or guides that are added are not eligible for the above guarantee.