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Drive Customers To Your Dealership with Instant Offer

Our Instant Offer tool integrates seamlessly into your dealer website, quickly guiding your visitors through a solid trade-in valuation process. Every lead is sent straight to your CRM, so you are instantly notified when a new lead comes in. Leads are also routed to Accu-Trade, making it easy to complete the appraisal process once the consumer visits your dealership. Your customer gets to clearly see how vehicle condition directly affects the value of their vehicle, so they walk away satisfied with your clear, upfront offer.

Customers appreciate Accu-Trade’s trusted, accurate pricing, which is always independent and precise. Not only is Accu-Trade feature-rich, it is also offers a full-range of customizations from full control of messaging to consumer to incentives, offers and appointment scheduling.


Every vehicle is as unique as a snowflake.

That's why your team needs MORE than standard pricing to get an accurate vehicle value. Accu-Trade’s value-based approach lets you capture detailed information about vehicle condition including damage, tire replacements, a whole host of repairs and even odour, and updates the valuation as you complete the CR process. Like you, we know the more details and defects entered, the more precise the CR.

Accu-Trade’s transparent design shows clear price impact. Pricing is displayed as range between trade-in and market ready, and our independently verified reviews show up to 93% of vehicles wholesale in this range.



Buy with confidence - we'll buy your vehicles based on our valuations.

We track values for thousands of makes and models, updating our values to track constantly changing market conditions. Because of this we stand behind our pricing with Price Assurance - we will purchase your vehicles based on our trade-in valuation and send you a same-day check!

Getting an offer thru Price Assurance is simple. Just scan your vehicle VIN, add the options, mileage and condition, review the offer price then tap Get Offer. Once you've delivered the vehicle to our agent, we review your vehicle then hand you a check. Nothing else needed!

Have a question about a value? Accu-Trade connects you directly to the trade desk, so you can get specific answers to your valuation questions. We are here to help you trade at the right price.


Android, iOS and Web - Powerful Dealer Tools, Anywhere

Carry Accu-Trade with you wherever you go, with the free Accu-Trade iPhone and Android apps. See lead activity, track performance, complete valuations and monitor vehicle values at the dealership, in the lane or at home.

Mobile appraisals are essential to every dealer. Accu-Trade is designed to shine on mobile, so you can walk through the value-based CR process quickly. Dealers find that a complete value-based CR, with photos, can be done in about 5 minutes. Once you've completed the value-based CR, send to your buyer so they have a clear picture of the unit you are selling.

Accu-Trade also has a mobile-ready web-based version that can be used to access your dealership information from the browser on any device.


Comprehensive Dealer Reporting

Lead Management. Performance Reporting. OMVIC Compliance


Follow leads from the point of capture through the sales channel. Track customer views, salesperson activity and sales analytics. Capture detailed data about customer vehicles, so you can make the best offer possible to close deals. Our follow-up tools allow your team to stay in touch with customers anytime.



Track salesperson performance, appraisal metrics, lead sources and more using Accu-Trade's data-driven reporting tools. Assess performance at multiple levels - dealership, sales group or individual sales person. Every report gives you a high-level summary and lets you drill down as far as you need to go to make critical business decisions.

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