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Accu-Trade is the ignition to All Things VIN Related

Accu-Trade delivers the best experience for anything involving a VIN: Valuing, Buying, Selling, Trading, Inspecting, Listing or learning! Every time you VIN decode, Accu-Trade gives you “transact-able knowledge” -  fact based, aggregated data with verifiable communication between buyers and sellers, and a guaranteed value you can take to the bank!

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Built on speed, accuracy and transparency, the platform utilizes a user-focused, real-time, 17-digit specific valuation engine to help you maximize your retail and wholesale acquisition and disposal opportunities-all powered by 60+ years of Galves Market Data and wrapped in the trust of the TrueCar brand. So whether you are in the lanes or on the lot, we've got you covered.

Used Car Invoice is an industry first profit compression aid

Accu-Trade Common Problem data brings immediate attention to known issues

Live Market Data gives you in-depth VIN specific analysis, locally or nationwide

Instant 17-digit data packed appraisals, backed by a check

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