Start Your
Inventory Engine

Acquire more inventory online and in-store at the perfect price, powered by pure audience and the most accurate appraisal engine in automotive.

Turn More Cars For More Profit

This is no trade-in tool. Now part of CARS, Accu-Trade is a connected ecosystem of pure audience advertising, instant consumer experiences, and unprecedented appraisal technology to continually drive more highly profitable vehicles through your business.

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Be The Best Way To
Sell Or Trade
A Car

Our technology gives consumers instant and transparent cash offers for their exact VINs on your website. Combined with your local customer service to conveniently complete the transaction, it’s a selling experience no one can beat.

We Have Your Back On
Every Cash Offer
You can’t lose on any instant offer, because in the very unlikely event that you don’t see the opportunity to turn it for a profit, we’ll buy the VIN back from you at the exact price of the offer, guaranteed.
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The Appraisal Engine
Built By Bob

All the vehicles you acquire will flow into Accu-Trade, the most powerful appraisal platform in our space. Created by Robert Hollenshead — the largest volume dealer, buyer, and seller of vehicles in North America — Accu-Trade is expertly engineered to enable dealer profitability.

Pinpoint The Perfect Price

Accu-Trade is built on a mountain of data, with all the guidebooks, vehicle history reports, market pricing, and control you need to nail the perfect price and turn each VIN profitably.

Plug-In For Full Disclosure

Accu-Trade is the only appraisal solution with an on-board diagnostics (OBD) scanner, which automatically syncs detailed mechanical disclosures from the customer’s vehicle right into your appraisal. These key deductions you would have overpaid for are then included in indisputably transparent reporting to the customer.

Maximize & Move Every VIN

Powered by the most valuable data sources in automotive, Accu-Trade guides you to understand and quickly act on the most profitable decision for each VIN — whether it’s listing at the right price for retail in your market, sending to auction, selling direct to a nearby dealer, or liquidating with our offer guarantee. New Logo

Turn Up The Volume

As part of CARS, Accu-Trade has exclusive access to the marketplace, enabling you to turn our massive consumer audience into your new most valuable stream of inventory (and customers).


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1 Internal Data, 2022 Earnings Report
2 Comscore Cross-Visitation Report, July 2022
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Convert Instant Offers On The Marketplace

Collect cars from the consumers in your market looking to sell or trade on, with instant offers based on the vehicles you want and the bidding rules you set.

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Dominate Your Market With Why Sell Campaigns

Grow your customer base with 100% pure in-market display and video advertising across screens, all powered by’s exclusive audience.


Have All The
Answers At Auction

Get the full power of Accu-Trade synced inside all of your favorite auctions with our VIN-dow Chrome extension, giving you everything you need to know on any vehicle as it comes up for sale. With history, condition, options, and pricing insight all in view, you can bid confidently without having to ever click away from the deal.

Automate Your
Inventory Pipeline

Set rules for your acquisition budget and the exact vehicles you want, and Accu-Trade will automatically go shopping for you 24/7 at wholesale auctions and dealer marketplaces — giving you a queue of offers to review, refine, and accept every day.

Turn Higher Profits
On The Move

Accu-Trade streamlines your workflow by automatically connecting acquisitions, inventory management, and disposal together into one platform — with an easy-to-use mobile app — to make your team more efficient and profitable every day.

Our customers love what we do.

Accu-Trade makes me a better buyer and gives me confidence on any car.
Kevin Butler Drew Shields

Owner, Exclusive Auto Wholesale

After using so many of the different tools on the market I can confidently say that Accu-Trade is hands down the best one out there.
Kevin Butler Michael Rhima

Director of Purchasing & Wholesale, CarOne

Accu‑Trade is what makes digital transactions possible.
Kevin Butler Brian Kramer

General Manager, Germain Toyota

Demo The Most Powerful Vehicle Acquisition & Appraisal Engine Ever

Our team is here to show you everything Accu-Trade can do, and set-up your dealership to acquire more inventory, more profitably. Give us a shout!