Guaranteed Accurate Automotive Pricing.

Accu-Trade gives you instant, accurate vehicle pricing based on millions of transactions. If it’s not right, we’ll buy it!

Maximize Your Profit with Accu-Trade

Profit is made at ACQUISITION, not at the time of sale. Accu-Trade lets you make smart acquisitions on EVERY purchase with an exit strategy. Always know how to get out before you get in!

Total vehicle transparency at a glance.

Accu-Trade uses the full 17 digits of each car’s VIN to give you the vehicle’s complete pedigree. You get the FULL PICTURE of the vehicle you’re considering taking in as a trade, buying at an auction, or selling on your lot.

Accu-Trade’s Process Is Proven

We’ve simplified the process into 3 simple steps to help you streamline your business.


Purchase vehicles at the right price for your dealership, every time.

Accu-Trade helps you acquire vehicles quickly, easily and at the right price. From pricing vehicles at auction (both online and on the block) to giving customers instant, accurate trade-in pricing, Accu-Trade provides confidence in the car-buying process.


Make data-driven decisions about your inventory.

Accu-Trade has decades in the industry, with the data to back it up. Our software identifies opportunities in your inventory by comparing a VIN’s competition in local and national markets, as well as retail and wholesale markets.


We help you determine your exit strategy.

Accu-Trade helps you weigh your options to make the most profitable decision. We’ll even put a guaranteed price on every complete appraisal. Now THAT is a guarantee!

Accurate pricing in the palm of your hand.

Accu-Trade streamlines your workflow by automatically connecting Acquisitions, Inventory Management, and Disposal together in one platform. This means less time spent on low priority tasks so your team can focus on more important things.

Our customers love what we do.